Billings, Montana

In Transition

If you haven't heard, Toucan is moving to a new location this winter and has entered a time of transition. Our new site is being developed, our new building renovated, and we will open there in January. The best way to stay informed is via the Toucan Newsletter, which you can access and subscribe to at this link:

Toucan Newsletter

Toucan is currently closed at our Montana Avenue location and will open at
1002 2nd Avenue North in January. Stay tuned.


At Toucan, we believe in the art of the everyday...for everyone. This is the kind of art that is meaningful not just to some, but the products of the human creative spirit that have the potential to influence and uplift every day of anyone’s life. Toucan shows the work of local and regional artists and artisans who work in a variety of media and styles. As long as it is interesting, unique, beautiful artistic expression with the potential to be integrated into a life well lived, it has a place at Toucan.


In addition to its more traditional artistic offerings, Toucan is one of Billings' unique boutiques, offering artisan-crafted products ranging from pottery to blown and fused glass, from jewelry, cards and stationery to hats and scarves, little art and home decor. Toucan is a great place to find the perfect gift. It's a great place to find something for yourself. And it's always a nice place to spend some time, even if it’s just to browse.


Toucan is one of Billings, Montana's oldest custom picture framing shops. Since 1982 Toucan has provided quality, design-centered, state-of-the-art picture framing services for residential and commercial applications throughout the region. Whether a customer is looking for traditional beauty or contemporary design, a historic re-creation or a complex shadowbox, Toucan's specialty continues to be to provide perfectly aligned solutions to customers' specific needs, no matter how simple or complex those needs might be.

Currently closed for renovation
1002 2nd Avenue North
Billings, Montana 59101